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 Farm Cameras - HAWK HD Calving camera systems

  Hawk Hd Calving camera systems -  wired & wireless calving camera systems also including Hd Farm cctv cameras, wireless transmitters & receivers,lambing cameras, foaling cameras. All our calving cctv camera systems / farm cameras are also available wireless with 200 metre, 1500m (1.5km / 1 mile) and 3000m (3km / 2 mile) ranges, with option to view on TV, Pc or mobile phone. Ip camera systems with 6000 meter ranges, We even have ptz / rotating calving cameras which you can view on your mobile phone or PC. All systems are available as 2.5ghz or 5.8ghz.

Equicom Ltd are the only suppliers in Ireland & the UK of Hawk's new range of Vx calving camera systems.

New 2015 Prima Hd netword dvr - simply connect to a wireless dongle broadband, satellite broadband, wireless broadband or fixed line broadband  and then you can log into your dvr & camera remotely from mobile phone or pc - no static ip address or port forwarding required - so now you can view your camera from virtually anywhere in the world - ring for details on how to log into our test dvr system.


For videos on installing our calving cameras click below, or call our office for support on installing our products.


    200m Wireless single camera installation video      

200m Multiple wireless camera installation video


Farm cctv cameras and wireless farm cctv

Outdoor wireless perimeter alarmOutdoor wireless perimeter alarm
Protect your home, farm, oil tank and remote property with our outdoor wireless alarm / farm alarm.
Price: €365.00
5Km Digital Wireless IP Calving Camera5Km Digital Wireless IP Calving Camera
Digital Wireless IP Calving Camera System with 5000 meter / 5Km range. View your calving shed live on your Mobile Phone, or Pc in Hd with this IP Calving camera system. 5000 Meter range.
Price: €295.00
5Km Digital Wireless Mini PTZ5Km Digital Wireless Mini PTZ
Digital Wireless IP Calving Camera System. View and control rotate / zoom your calving camera live on your Mobile Phone or pc.
Price: €595.00
Single calving cameraSingle calving camera
Calving camera - single wired Hd farm camera system allowing you to monitor your cattle calving. Suitable for all calving pens / sheds, inc slatted sheds & galvanised tin sheds.
Price: €55.00
Wireless calving cameraWireless calving camera
200 Meter Hd Wireless calving camera system. Hawk wireless farm camera system with 700 Tvl Hd Sony ccd lens cctv camera, auto night vision, wireless transmitter & receiver. Ideal for outdoor use, inc metal sheds & slatted cattle sheds.
Price: €165.00
Long Range Wireless calving cameraLong Range Wireless calving camera
Hawk wireless long range calving camera system with Sony ccd lens cctv camera, auto night vision, wireless transmitter & receiver. Ideal for metal sheds, outdoor use & slatted cattle sheds. 1500m effective range.
Price: €285.00
3000 Meter Wireless calving camera3000 Meter Wireless calving camera
Wireless 3000m / 3km long range Hd calving camera system with Hawk calving camera, auto night vision, 5.8 Ghz wireless transmitter & receiver. Ideal for outdoor use, inc metal sheds & slatted cattle sheds.
Price: €465.00
2 calving cameras2 calving cameras
Wired or wireless Hawk calving camera system with 2 calving cameras and multiplexer / processor box for monitoring cattle calving or farm yard security surveillance, day or night.
Price: €210.00
calving camera systemcalving camera system
3 calving cctv cameras. Farm calving cctv camera system with Sony lens cameras, wired or wireless up to 1500 meters (1.5km / 1 mile). Ideal for cattle sheds, slatted cattle sheds and tin / metal sheds.
Price: €270.00
4 calving camera system4 calving camera system
Calving cameras - 4 farm calving camera system with Hawk multiplexor / multiplex processor box. Ideal for monitoring cattle calving or farm yard security & surveillance. Ideal for all cattle sheds and slatted sheds. Also available wireless 200m and 1000m (1km)
Price: €330.00
Mini PtzMini Ptz
Hd Ptz camera with 10 x zoom, 50m night vision & Sony 700tvl Hd lens
Price: €325.00
Ptz rotating cameraPtz rotating camera
Hd Ptz camera with 30 x zoom, 70m night vision & Sony 700tvl Hd lens
Price: €395.00
Ptz controllerPtz controller
Joystick controller for ptz camera
Price: €125.00
Mini Hd Ptz camera systemMini Hd Ptz camera system
Mini Hd rotating farm ptz camera
Price: €450.00
Hd Ptz camera systemHd Ptz camera system
Hd farm ptz rotating camera with joystick controller and cable.
Price: €520.00
Mobile phone mini Ptz cameraMobile phone mini Ptz camera
Mini rotating farm ptz camera for mobile phone / pc & Tv
Price: €450.00
Mobile phone Hd Ptz cameraMobile phone Hd Ptz camera
View your rotating camera worldwide on a mobile phone or pc
Price: €520.00
Wireless Mini Ptz camera systemWireless Mini Ptz camera system
Wireless Mini ptz rotating camera for mobile phone, pc & tv viewing.
Price: €695.00
Wireless Ptz camera systemWireless Ptz camera system
Wireless ptz rotating camera for mobile phone, pc & tv viewing.
Price: €795.00
Wireless transmitter & receiver for calving camerasWireless transmitter & receiver for calving cameras
Wireless transmitter for calving cameras. Wireless cctv transmitter and receiver with 200m range. Makes any calving camera wireless. Can transmit sound & vision / colour picture. Ideal for calving cameras, farm / calving cameras cctv system, slatted sheds, galvanised steel / tin buildings.
Price: €95.00

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