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Farm Security CCTV Camera System - 60 M Night Vision - 8Mp Varifocal Kit

Farm Security CCTV Camera System - 60 M Night Vision - 8Mp Varifocal Kit
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Farm CCTV Systems / Security Camera Kit - Secure you Farm and Our Buildings today with our Farm Security Camera System. This Farm Camera System  includes 8Mp / 4K UHD CCTV Cameras with 60 Meter Led night Vision and Ir cut to enhance facial recognition.

Can be set to take snapshot images of motion and send them directly to your mobile phone.

60 - 80 Meters Night Vision

Metal armoured camera and casing.

Led night vision with Ir cut to enhance facial recognition at night time.

1 x 4 Channel Dvr Recorder for Hd CCTV Cameras with 1Tb Hard drive & mouse

4 x 8Mp CCTV Camera with 2.8 - 12mm wide angle Sony Hd lens, 40m night vision

4  x 20 Meter Hd power / signal cable

Also included: power adaptor, mouse.

Farm Security CCTV Camera System for sale

Farm Security - Secure your farm and outbuildings with out Hd CCTV Camera system designed especially for Irish Farms, this camera system is Uhd quality, Large 60 - 80 meter night vision, has ir cut built in so you can enhance facial recognition on play back, monitor and view the cameras remotely on your mobile phone. All our cameras are made of metal, not plastic so are anti-vandal, durable and built to last.
farm security camera system
Click below to watch footage taken from this cctv camera system (remember to set the video quality to 1080p in the youtube settings):

Click for specification on CCTV camera

Anti-vandal 8Mp  Hawk varifocal bullet security camera with Sony lens, 4 in 1 cctv camera, can bet set to Ahd / Tvi / Cvi or Cvbs (Analogue / 960h)
2.8 - 12mm varifocal lens
IP 66 Outdoor rated
60 - 80 meter night vision
Led night vision with Ir cut to enhance facial recognition at night time.

DVR recorder: 
Click for specification on DVR recorder

Record and playback individual or multiple cameras
Digital zoom on live video and also on playback
Can be monitored remotely by mobile phone (internet required)
Fanless design so silent running
Search by motion detection or time and date
Includes power supply & mouse

SILENT RUNNING FANLESS DESIGN - view on pc or iPhone / Android Phone
  • 4 Channel DVR recorder with 1000 gb hard drive and network access. H.264
  • Supports 4 cameras - BNC input
  • 1 x VGA output, 1 x HDMI output, 1 x BNC output, 1 x RCA output as well as a connection to your broadband router.
  • When the hard drive is full it overwrites itself, deleting the oldest hour and recording a new hour.
  • Records up to 25fps per camera.
  • Record real time: when playing or backing up footage it still records.
  • Digitally zoom in on both playback and live footage.
  • The screen can display individual or multiple cameras.
  • Once you power up the DVR it starts recording straight away.
  • You can search all recordings by date, time and motion.
  • You can individually name each camera, e.g.: CH1 - Drive, CH2 - Front door etc. 
  • P2P access to the cameras over the internet via pc or mobile phone
  • On your mobile you can view live footage, backup live video or snapshot to your mobile phone
  • Internet features include: Search, playback, rewind, zoom, alter settings, take snapshots, back footage to your pc.
  • Backup images or video files to a flash drive or PC over the internet, you can also print our CCTV images from your pc.
  • There are a number of users and guest allowed to log in, the tasks each user is able to carry out can be limited and customised.

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