Gsm Farm Cameras

Gsm Farm Camera systems.

Basically a gsm farm camera system allows you to view your farm shed remotely, so you can monitor calving, lambing or foaling without being present.

When do I need a gsm camera system?

You would need a gsm camera system to monitor your cattle calving / sheep lambing if you are more then 5000 meters from your farm shed or you do not have line of sight of the farm shed.

When do I not need a gsm camera system?

You do not need a gsm camera system if you can see the farm buildings from the roof of the house and you are less then 5000 meters / 5 km / 3 miles from the farm buildings.

I do not have internet at the house but I want to view the camera on my phone?

You do not need Ip cameras or Gsm camera for this system. If you are 5000 meters from shed to house the best option is to transmit the camera back to the house and use your internet in the house. You have no monthly fees with this option and you can view the camera for an unlimited time day and night, whereas you are restricted on gsm and the service can be intermittent.

Is it better to transmit the internet up to the farm yard?

Can I put the sim card into the camera?

What size camera do I need for my shed?