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Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Security Camera
Wireless Security CameraWireless Security CameraWireless Security CameraWireless Security Camera
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Hawk 200m wireless foaling camera system with 1000Tvl Hd CCTV camera.

Single wireless Hd farm camera system available in 200m, 1500m (1.5km / 1 mile) or 3000m (3km / 2 mile) ranges. (Internet and mobile phone options also available).

This wireless foaling system includes a 1000 Tvl Hd Sharp ccd lens camera. It also has 10 - 15 meter auto night vision, waterproof (ip 66 rated) housing complete with wireless transmitter and receiver, allowing you to make your foaling camera wireless. The foaling camera is waterproof and dust-proof. It has colour day vision and black and white auto infra-red night vision, allowing the camera to see in total darkness.
Place the transmitter outside the shed or house and it will transmit the signal 200m (guaranteed with a clear line of sight of the receiver). Ideal for monitoring mares foaling in block, metal, tin, galvanised or slatted sheds / stables. We also have rotating cameras & also foaling cameras which you can view on your mobile phone or PC.
The camera has a 20 meter power signal cable which runs power and picture to the transmitter. The transmitter is placed inside the included waterproof box and then located on the outside of the shed facing the house. The receiver is placed inside the window of the house and connected to the TV. Press tv/av and the picture comes up on the screen. If the window does not face the house then simply purchase a 10m or 20m power / signal cable and ip box from our website (approx €25). This will allow you to place the receiver outside the house and feed the signal back into a TV within the house.

For cameras 700 tvl is 'high resolution' - our Hawk antivandal dome is 1000 Tvl.

If you have any questions about our system or technical questions such as sheds blocking the view etc, then call our office on 021 4855 445.

Our systems come with an installation guide, troubleshooting guide and we also offer full unlimited free technical support on all our systems.

Installation Video

Installation Manual

There is an option below to increase the range of the wireless transmitter to 1500 meters (1.5 km / 1 mile).

Package includes:

4mm dome calving camera, 2.4ghz transmitter, 2.4ghz receiver, power adaptors, 20 meter power signal cable to run from camera to transmitter, waterproof ip 66 box for transmitter, camera power adaptors, mounting brackets, installation instructions.

There is also an option below to add 2 x 75ft power & signal leads which would allow you to run the camera 75 feet away from the transmitter & power, and the transmitter 75 feet away from power,

Single transmitter can connect the cameras to transmit the signals.
Open Distance: 200m Guaranteed if transmitter and receiver have line of sight.
Power Adaptor: DC12V/ 1 Amp
Size (mm): 80*50*35


4 Channel 2.4Ghz frequency lock with manual switch
Power Adaptor: DC12V/1 Amp
Size (mm): 95x78x28


12 month warranty included.

Wireless options below if required.

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