What is a '4 in 1' CCTV Camera?

15 April 2021  |  Admin

Best cctv cameraWhat is a 4 In 1 CCTV Camera? - Basically a '4 in 1' CCTV Camera is a camera that will work on all dvrs, old and new.

 Most people now a days are confused with all the new CCTV Camera terms, Ahd, Cvi, Tvi, 4 in 1 etc, leaving every consumer with one big question - Which CCTV Camera do I get? Will it work on my old system, what if I want to upgrade my camera or cable later, will it work on my existing cable?

 So basically a '4 in 1 CCTV Camera' is the newest type of camera on the market, it will work with all CCTV Camera Systems, including your old analogue cctv camera systems and also all the new Hd cctv camera systems including Dahua and Hikvision Dvr's. The only system they will not work with is on an Ip camera systems which has an rj45 connector. Basically if your camera has a bnc connection then it will work on your system, if it has an RJ45 connection then you have an Ip camera and it won't work on that. This is by far the best cctv camera to get because you do not need to change any cabling as it will work on coax and cat5 cable and also can be set to work on analogue and Hd dvrs. Also if you upgrade your Dvr Recorder to a Hd model at a later stage you can simply set the camera to Hd. 

Menu Button for 4 in 1 CCTV Security Camera Bnc Connector for on CCTV Camera RJ45 Connector on Ip Camera
How to setup a 4 in 1 cctv security camera, Ahd, Tvi, Cvi, Cvbs         Bnc Connector on a 4 in 1 cctv camera   A ip camera is not a 4 in 1 camera, it has an rj45 connector instead of a bnc connector.

How Does a 4 in 1 CCTV Camera work:

 Basically a 4 in 1 CCTV Camera has a small button on it with a cap on it so it is not pressed accidentally during installation. The button or 'toggle' can be moved in four directions. When you want to set the camera you simply remove the cap and press the 'button' or 'toggle' up, down, left, or right for 6 seconds (you should hear a small 'click' when it changes). Do not press the button down when doing this or you will go into the menu (if you do this simply unplug the camera from the power and plug it in again).  

 If you have an analogue camera system or are replacing an analogue camera simply push the button  to Cvbs (also known as 960h).

If you have a Hd or Digital CCTV Camera system the best option is to set the cctv camera to Ahd, simply push the button  to Ahd

If you have a Dahua CCTV Camera system or are replacing a Cvi CCTV Camera simply push the button  to CVI

If you have a Hikvision CCTV Camera system, Hiwatch CCTV Camera System or are replacing a TVI CCTV Camera simply push the button  to TVI

What does Ahd, Tvi, Cvi, Cvbs mean:

Ahd – Analogue High Definition, used by most CCTV Manufacturers worldwide, probably gives the best picture overall.

Tvi, also known as HD-TVI means “High Definition Transport Video Interface”. This video interface is used by Hikvision

CVI, also known as HD-Cvi – High Definition Composite Video interface, This video interface is used by Dahua

CVBS - also known as Analogue or 960h - Composite Video Blanking Sync, this is the interface of all older analogue cameras. All CCTV Cameras with Sony CCD image sensors used this interface.