What is a Dvr Recorder

14 March 2021  |  Admin

What is a Dvr Recorder?
A Dvr (Digital Video Recorder) is a recording device designed specifically to capture / record video footage from cctv cameras. A cctv camera has a bnc connector, not to be confused with an rj45 connector which is found on ip cameras which use an nvr. Dvr's normally connect to your Television or a monitor. They may also be connected to your broadband router and allow you to view video feed on your mobile phone or pc.

They are available in 4 / 8 / 16 channel,  the number of channels corresponds to the number of cameras that can be connected to the DVR.

For example if you get a single camera kit your recorder will be a 4 channel Dvr, so you have the ability to add up to a further 3 cameras at a later stage.

The camera connections on a DVR recorder are BNC connections.  There is usually a HDMI & VGA output to connect to a TV / Monitor and in some models there is an AV output as well.  The unit will also have a an RJ45 connection to allow you to connect to the broadband router / modem for internet access.